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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 21, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> anderson: you can see yvette on "community" on nbc. see you tomorrow. co-host patty stanger. [applause]
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you will hear debate that took place this morning as a local city considers banning certain ammo. why some local school students are escorted by police this morning. a legal move today as the prop eight case heads to the supreme court ahead at noon.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> the debate over gun safety leads to a bay area debate over certain ammo and a ruling was made moments ago. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. the debate over guns and ammo is heating up in san francisco. new at noon sal castaneda joins us live with the new proposals that could be the target of lawsuits. we understand a vote has just been taken. >> reporter: that's right, tori,es a expected the committee did move that vote out of committee and if
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approved and it is approved by the full board of supervisors, if it is approved it would change the way ammo is bought and sold in san francisco. the mayor and the police chief and supervisor are pushing legislation to ban the sale of certain types of ammo and keep track of anyone who buys more than a certain amount. under the new rules hollow point bullets and bullets that expand after being fired would not be legal within the city and county of san francisco. the mayor says that type of ammo has no place in the city and the supervisor says momentum began to build to make changes after knee mass shootings at a connecticut elementary school. >> is this reactionary? no. but oftentimes in order to have quality conversations we need a trigger . and that provided a trigger for us to galvanize support, marshal resources and assess where we are and how we continue to move forward. >> today a supervisor's committee forwarded the legislation, which now moves to
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the full board for a vote. one of the provisions of the new ordinance would require anyone selling more than 500 rounds to get the customer's name and report it to the police. the police chief says police might then go to that person and ask them why they purchased that amount, something that is not sitting well with some. >> it is not unusual for a competition shooter to use more than 500 rounds a month, easily, and i happen to do high volume shooting, what is called vair minute shooting, so i use literally thousands of rounds a year. >> it also makes no exceptions for someone traveling through san francisco say from daily city to sausalito, who force them into the east bay and there in order to be able to not risk jail. >> now we did reach out to the nra. they were not able to get back to us immediately but did say
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or have said if this ordinance does pass they would challenge it in court. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. vice-president joe biden meanwhile and other lawmakers gathered in connecticut today to discuss gun control. less than 15 miles from sandy hook elementary school. coming up in 10 minutes why biden says other politicians should not be afraid of enacting gun control measures. we are getting word of a shooting in east oakland this morning involving a homeowner who apparently opened fire on an alleged intruder. news chopper 2 was overhead just about 45 minutes ago. investigators say this happened at 79th avenue and lockwood street just before 10:00 a.m. the shooting victim is reportedly in critical condition. see from our crew on the ground there is crime scene tape all around the house. we are continuing to work on the story and will bring you new information tonight at 5:00. this morning the man
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suspected of killing a 13-year- old girl in fairfield entered a plea in court. later this afternoon a funeral will be held for the young victim. tara moriarty joins us now from va venetia where e funeral will be held. >> reporter: we are here where the body will be laid to rest. you can see the scene is set her for the family, chairs up for them and the white coffin with the rod roses draped on it. we know that janel has a foster mother and biological parents, she said her daughter was a good kid and had a lot of dreams. mean while the man suspected of killing janel, a local barber, anthony lamar jones, was at the solano county courthouse this morning. the 32-year-old pleaded not guilty. cameras were not allowed hin. he made in.
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he made a brief appearance, his armed shackled there. he faces those charges. he was a homeless man who found her body and attended the hearing and says he wants just is to served. >> i don't think anything in life prepares for you what i saw, i don't. i don't see how the first responders, you know they face this stuff on a daily basis and all it took me was that one time. >> now another man showed up to the hearing, kevin gay who says he gets his haircut by jones. >> he is in the community you know, you want to feel safe, i want to follow and understand everything from all aspects and not just her side, his side, just understand what the whole process is. >> janel went missing january 31st. the last photo of her alive comes from a police camera, just miles from her school, green valley middle, where she was a 7th grader, police have not revealed how jones and janel might have crossed paths, again this funeral is set to
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get underway here in one hour and wednesday there should behinds arriving. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the santa clara sheriff's department is asking for the public's help to find a suspect wanted in connection with a string of bank robberies. they released this picture this morning hoping someone can identify the robber. he is suspected in five hold ups since january 18th. the most recent was tuesday at a wells fargo bank in santa clara. the others were at banks in san jose, cupertino and sara to saratoga, he is white, 35 years old, 6'0" tall with a muscular build. the days are numbered for a homeless encampment there and they want to take action. janine de la vega joins us with
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this report. >> reporter: good afternoon. in the past they have clean ups of homeless encampments head in greek beds but creek beds but this is different, it is visible to the public, this tent city has popped up in just a matter of months. the roar of jet engines is frequently heard in this field next to the san jose airport, some of the 100 or so people living here say sometimes the tent shakes from the sound. after being rouseed to roused to move they set up camp here. >> we are not just asking for anything but a spot. >> she showed us those. she said she used to be a nurse but quit her job to care for a relative. after that relative died she was out of money and on the streets and has been on several job interviews but not gotten an offer yet. >> i am doing the best i can with what i have. i am not a criminal. i am not you know -- i am just
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like anybody else just falling on hard times. >> the city has received many complaints from residents who worry about garbage and safety. the housing department has planned to clear hot the encampment the first week of march the cost $40,000. >> we know we don't have the answer but the answer cannot be that people live in parks and creeks and on the streets. >> after the clean up is done there is nothing to stop them from doing it again so the city is looking to use rangers and the police as a deterrent. she doesn't know where she will go next. >> i know the city has a lot of other things going on but we are people too. >> city officials are working on drafting a long-term solution to partner with agencies and to have permanent housing for those who want to stop living like this. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the public mood here in
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california might be brightening, a recent poll shows 48% of those responding say it is moving in the right direction, that is 4 times as many as 2010, that many said it is going in the wrong direction and that many said they like the job he is doing. same sex couples challenging the proposition have filed a brief with the courter calling it a badge of infer outery and they are waiting for that. we will see if they overturn that. it comes before the court next month. experts say that could have some effect. >> i think most of the justices would say to you we don't care, we don't care what the president says, he is one citizen among many and we decide this on the basis of our
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reading the constitution and politics be damned. but still having a president putting his thumb on the scale in a sense you know in the court of public opinion is important. >> the supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments in a same sex marriage case on march 26th. >> our school has faced 9 lock- downs this year, which means there has been -- there have been gunshots fired in and around our communities. >> qu will >> you will hear more on why small children in a bay area community are getting police escorts just for go to the library, mark tamayo says there is at least a chance chance of more rain. he has details ahead. >> everywhere we looked we found it. >> you will hear from experts who say the seafood you order is probably not the seafood you get.
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three people are dead and six others injured after shots were fired from a car driving down the las vegas strip this morning and police now believe an altercation at a hotel prompted the attack. it all happened around 4:30. it ended at flamingo and las vegas boulevards across from the hotel. police say people in a black
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rang rover opened fire on the maserati, it burst into flames and hit a taxi. two people in the tax were killed and the driver of the maserati and others were hurt. police say the range rover drove 62 way with three suspects inside. joe biden is there to rally proposal for the gun laws. this morning he was close to the shooting. >> we have to speak for all those voices. we have to speak for those 20 beautiful children who died 69 days ago, 12 miles from here. they can't speak for themselves. we have to speak -- >> biden was joined by other lawmakers, law enforcement officers and families of the victims, he said there is a moral price to pay for inaction and they should not be able to
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worry about the political ramifications of it. gun makers and lobbyists were not invited to this conference but they say they will have opportunitys to express their views. oscar pistorius is expected to learn if he will be granted bail when he returns to court tomorrow. he is charged with premeditated murder in a shooting death of his girlfriend on valentine's day. today nike announced it is suspending his contract and police announced a new detective will take over the pistorius investigation. that is after attempted murder charges were reinstated against the lead investigator who was initially in charge of the case. new at noon students from an east oakland elementary school this morning turned their walk to the local library into a march to end violence. the second and third graders attend new highland academy and teachers have been
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bringing students to the public library branch every three weeks for the past year and a half but recently they had to cancel it because of a shooting in the neighborhood just before the time they were supposed to walk. today they had a police escort. >> we want people to know what happens in this neighborhood, why these kids can't go to the libraries because it is too dangerous for them to walk the streets and to show we have to do this with a police escort. >> teachers said it was not only important for students to be able to visit the library again to get books but also to help them overcome their fears after that incident a few weeks ago. the alameda agency is set to receive a grant from the federal department of health and human services. that word came this morning from oakland congresswoman barbara lee. the money is designated to help low income people who have hiv. the department of hhs is giving
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grants to communities directly impacted by hiv and aids. police raided a chop shop and we spoke to a woman whose car was recovered in pieces. they were conducting an inspection of the business when the found three stolen civics and parts of a suv. this honda civic was stolen in front of one victims home and they notified her it was found. >> they can still contact us and let us know and they are not too comfortable with something and that is enough, let us know they are concerned and we can perform an inspection. >> police arrested the owner of the shop, osbaldo castro, chp says people who unknowingly purchase a stolen car part will have that item confiscated and be out of the money they paid for it. a new survey finds that the fish on your plate may not be
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what the label says it is. the non-profit ocean protection group, oceana conducted tests and found a third of the seafood sold and 40% of the fish bought in northern california is not what it is purported to be. for example in 120 samples labeled red snapper there was actually 28 different species of fish. >> some of those seafood substitutions we found were a less expensive cheaper fish was swapped out for something more desirable, like talapia for red snapper, catfish for grouper or farm salmon for wild salmon. >> the study also raises red flags about health because some of the mis-labeled fish may container higher amounts of mercury that should be avoided especially by pregnant women.
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the owners of the oakland as have re received instructions on a move. he gave them guidelines for the move. people familiar with the guidelines say they do not ensure a move to san jose but if the as satisfy the league office concerns selig could allow team owners to vote on the move. fans we spoke to this morning had mixed reaction to the guidelines. >> if they feel they are going to be more profitable by moving to another place, it is up to them. >> i think they do need a new stadium. it is pretty old. yeah, i think it would be cool if we had a new stadium. >> a move to san jose is opposed by the san francisco giants, who have territorial rights on the south bay. the giants could demand compensation if the as move south. a major storm is blanketing the great plains with snow. schools and state legislatures in the midwest have been shut down because of whiteout conditions on the roads.
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more than a foot of snow has fallen in wichita, kansas, today and the kansas city international airport has been shut down. so, if you are flying somewhere in the midwest today you should check ahead with your airlines. >> back here in the bay area completely different story, lots of sunshine today. not a cloud in the sky and temperatures will continue to warm things up over the recent big drop off in temperatures. as far as our live camera outside toward the bay bridge and the bay itself, san francisco bay, we do have breezes picking up, winds around 15 to 20 miles an hour, so chop on the waters and the winds will continue to pick up into the afternoon hours. right now on the satellite, the perspective clouds south and north but over the bay area right now lots of clear conditions and temperatures beginning to recover after that cold start this morning. here is some of the current observations for this 12:00 hour, lower 60s toward napa and walnut creek, san francisco 53.
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oakland 59. as far as the wind, stronger winds toward half moon bay, sfo, and also out toward the fairfield area. winds sustained, sorry zipped by that, winds 17 miles an hour out of fairfield. today here is your forecast, more sunshine, a breeze, tomorrow patchy fog and fair skies. the weekend a sun-cloud mix and it looks like saturday will be the coolest day of the upcoming weekend. high pressure continues to rebuild here in the pacific so with that the storm track goes way up north but the winds approaching 20 to 25 miles an hour basically for today and friday. more sunshine as well. into the weekend early saturday morning we do bring in a few extra clouds and just the chance of a few sprinkles, most likely before sunrise, so 98% of your weekend, 99% of your weekend should be dry. here we go. saturday morning, the clouds moving in from the north and the chance of sprinkles very early between 2:00 and 5:00 saturday morning. still lingering clouds at 6:00. then we clear about the
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overcast for the remainder of the day on saturday. forecast highs for this afternoon, mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s for afternoon highs. we will continue to warm things up. san jose forecast high upper 50s, morgan hill 60 and livermore 59 degrees. getting ready for the parade in san francisco saturday evening. the forecast with the timing just right. partly cloudy skies temperatures on either side of 50 degrees with no rain drops expected for the evening hours. here is a look ahead your five-day-forecast with the weekend always in view. tomorrow warmer, we will cool things off by saturday in response to that weak system moving in and clouds to start out the day on saturday. just a sun-cloud mix and tori as you can't see here no rain clouds in the five-day-forecast and a drop off in the temperatures on saturday. >> all right, because we have a parade. >> and the weather looks perfect. >> thank you mark. the nielsen company is expanding its definition of
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television. later this year they will start measuring broadband and internet viewing. normally nielsen measures cable, satellite and over the air broadcasts. by september they expect to measure viewing of streaming services on devices like the x- box and playstation. nielsen is hoping to be able to measure video viewing on ipads by the end of this year. wine exports have reached record levels. we will tell you who is buying and where most of the wine is being made.
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stocks continuing a 2 day slide today. this morning the government said more people applyed for unemployment benefits last week two the first time though it remained at a level consistent with modest hiring. a live look at 3 big board, the dow down 25, the nasdaq down 28, s&p down seven. new figures show u.s. wine exports reached record levels last year and almost all of that wine was from california, according to the wine institute wine exports increased for the third consecutive year to a record 1.4 billion dollars. 90% of that wine was grown and made here in california. a majority of the wine was bought by europeans but with a growing market in china and canada. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, the immigration debate heats up today in the south bay. we will be there for a big
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rally and march planed for san jose, plus an exclusive ktvu field pole reveals a shift in california's position on this hot button issue. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks, we are always here for you on and mobile send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.


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